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Rodney A. Winters earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and an MBA from the University of Akron. Along with his full-time job, he also serves as an adjunct professor of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University. Rodney was a staff minister at the Prevailing Church in Cleveland, Ohio, until recently relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. He currently serves at The House of Hope Atlanta.

He is gifted to preach and teach. He is also a musician, songwriter, videographer, entrepreneur, and the proud father of two adult children. Rodney has a heart for people and ministry.

The Story Behind “Go Into The House”

I never set out to write a book. This all began as a personal journal to help me get though my painful period. Writing the experiences down on paper was therapeutic for me. After I emerged from the pain, I felt the urge to help someone else. I hope to be able to comfort others with the comfort I experienced. I trust that this book will bring a fresh perspective on some issues that many people face.

Best-selling author

2010 Dayton Book Expo – Biography/Autobiography Category


Why “The Silencing of the Sheep”?

I was grieved by my observations of an increasing bias against Christianity in our culture, and very few people seemed to be addressing it. I began researching instances of bias and silencing, and became determined to expose my findings. In the book, I offer solutions to the issue and outline steps we can take as believers to make our voices heard, while maintaining a positive testimony.

(Photography by André Patton)

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