It’s All About Perspective

This weekend we set our clocks ahead one hour as we begin Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2018. Already, I’ve heard people complaining about the fact that they are going to lose an hour of sleep on Sunday night. Some people tend to dwell on the negative, rather than seeing the benefits. The positives include more daylight to enjoy and accomplish daily tasks, and potential lower energy costs with the decreased need for artificial lighting. The tiredness should wear off in a few days, and then we’re left with eight months to enjoy more daylight. As one who lives in Ohio, I welcome the additional sunlight after a long day of working.

In the same way, life can be a series of setbacks. But often those setbacks are only temporary, and lead to something much better. We may feel groggy the next morning, but eventually, we look back and are thankful for what we’ve gained from the experience. Instead of focusing on the losses, let’s concentrate on maximizing the time we have to accomplish something great. The right perspective can change your outlook for the future!