Featured Authors

Since publishing, Go Into The House, I have met a number of wonderful Christian authors. Here are four of these authors and their books:

Ed Houston – Single and Living Free: An Inspiring Companion for Your Personal Journey

Single and Living Free: An Inspiring Companion for Your Personal Journey is a book that was birthed out of Ed Houston’s experience as a single Christian who struggled with strongholds for most of his early adult life until God gave him a revelation that changed his life and set him free.


Angela Serocki – You’ve Been Conned

After learning her husband has cheated on her, Angela must face her demons and put them behind her or let them rule the life she has worked so hard to build. By seeking help from her heavenly Father, she learns the roles of forgiveness and acceptance within relationships; thus, slowly pulling herself from a two-year depression that has threatened to destroy her entire family.


Nicole Cleveland – So He Cheated, Now What?

Nicole Cleveland knows a little something about rebuilding a marriage after an affair. Her very own marriage was almost destroyed when her husband abandoned their family a mere five days after she gave birth to their third child. After a shameful separation, the Lord restored her marriage. In the midst of her pain, she found her purpose; to encourage motivate and inspire women by sharing her personal testimony with women everywhere.


Lori A. Moore –

In her book, From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years, new author Lori A. Moore shows us that nothing in the past will keep God from loving us. Trusting God can be scary, especially when confronted with complex and formal language. Through this simple and easy going guide to finding God, inexperienced Christians will learn to emerge from doubt and fear into the peace and comfort that can only be found in Christ.

In her latest book, Missing Andy: The Journey from Grief to Joy, author Lori A. Moore explains how to view the loss of a loved one as a celebration instead of a final event. After unexpectedly losing her ex-husband, who was also her best friend, due to a fatal blood clot, Lori found herself lost and numb, but working her way through the five stages of grief helped her rediscover true happiness.