Check Your Perspective

People are already telling us that this year is worse than 2020. If you look for negativity, you will certainly find it. 2020 most assuredly had its challenges, but I can make a list of numerous positive things that occurred for me personally last year. Yes, I had loss due to COVID-19, but also had family members who survived it. I am not minimizing anyone’s loss, rather I am expressing gratitude despite the circumstances. Do you view the glass as half full or half empty? Have you taken the time to recount your many blessings from this past year?

Superstitious people look for bad things to happen on Friday the 13th. Those same occurrences could happen the day before without notice. They expect something negative if a black cat crosses their path. After less than two weeks, some have already concluded that 2021 is going to be a bad year. Your perspective impacts how you live. Your thoughts impact your actions. Your words can determine your destiny. I, for one, choose to speak life regarding the remaining eleven months of 2021. I won’t have control over many things, but I can control my viewpoint. 2021 may turn out to be a bad year for me, but it won’t be because I determined beforehand that it will be bad by my attitude toward it. My expectation is for great things this year! What about you?

(Photo Credit: Uriolus Flickr via Compfight)