Climate Changers

Climate change is a major topic in current culture. There is disagreement on whether or not this phenomenon is caused by human actions, however. You may believe mankind is destroying the planet, God controls the environment, or something in between. No matter where you are on this spectrum, I believe we can all be “climate changers” in the environments we inhabit every day.

I can think of many coworkers of mine over the years whose mere presence changed the atmosphere of the workplace—positively or negatively. Some of them would bring an energy that would brighten a room. Others would have the opposite effect. We all know people who make us cringe when they show up, because we know they will constantly complain or try to start an argument. I recall one coworker whose infectious laugh could be heard throughout the workspace. Her laughter would bring a smile to my face daily, even when she was too far away for me to know what she was laughing about.

Jesus told us to let our light shine in such a way that men would see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) In doing so, we act as thermostats and not thermometers. We should regulate the temperature in the environments we enter, rather than simply reflect or display the ambient temperature. We should be climate changers. We have the ability to warm up cold spaces and illuminate dark settings.

Do people hate to see us leave a place or are they happy to see us go? My goal is to leave a place better than I found it. Let our joy be contagious!

(Photo credits: Godisable Jacob and Engin Akyurt)