Choose Wisely

The decisions we make shape our lives. One good decision can mean living out our dreams, while one bad decision can lead to a life of regret. We make decisions every day. Some are more important than others. There are things that are out of our control, but some outcomes are determined by our decisions. Good decision-making requires wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to recognize difference.

The Bible tells us about some wise men called magi, who were a caste of men specializing in astrology, medicine and natural sciences. Although highly educated, what made these men wise was the fact that they came to worship Jesus. Wise men and women still worship Jesus!

Like these wise men, we have to know who and what to follow. The wise men understood there was something different about this Child. He was born a King. They also understood there was something different about the star they observed and followed.

How do we know how to choose wisely? Ultimately, wisdom comes from God.

Most important decisions require faith. There’s often a risk involved. Although they had a general idea, the wise men didn’t know exactly where they were going. Usually God doesn’t give us all the details up front. We have to take one step at a time.

When the star stopped over the house where the young Jesus was, these men knew they were in the right place. They came from the East to Jerusalem. It was a long journey. They likely overcame intense desert heat during the day, and chilling cold at night. These wise men didn’t let any obstacles keep them from finding Jesus and worshipping Him as King. We may have to leave our current location. It will require determination. We have to make up our minds that nothing is going to keep us from our goals. Not circumstances. Not feelings. Not people.

When the magi saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. This special star was their inspiration for worship. The star pointed the way to the Savior. When they saw Jesus, they worshipped Him. They didn’t worship the star, but the One to whom the star pointed. The magi entered the house and presented costly, royal and fragrant gifts in recognition of who Jesus was/is.

Wise decisions will ultimately lead to joy, so choose wisely.